Brittany Greenfield ’07: A Family Legacy of Giving

March 8, 2015

Founder & CEO, Wabbi
MBA, MIT Sloan 2016

Volunteer Service:
Board of Directors, Vilna Shul
Boston Ballet School Co-Chair, Boston Ballet Young Partners Council

Duke volunteer leadership:
Member, Annual Fund Advisory Board
Boston Chair & National Board Member, Young Alumni Development Network

What have been your most inspiring Duke experiences—as a student and/or an alumna?
As a student and now as an alumna, it’s not one experience that has been most inspiring, but rather the common thread across hundreds, maybe even thousands of experiences: every time I meet a Dukie I am inspired. Duke students and alums are a passionate group, and their passion always transfers to those that they meet. I’ve always said that if a Dukie was passionate about paper clips, not only would she create the paper clip association, but she’d also get hundreds of people to join because she’s able to get them as passionate as she is about paper clips. No matter how long it’s been since I graduated, every time I meet a Dukie I am inspired to do the same with my passion to do better tomorrow than I did today.

Who modeled philanthropy for you?
My parents. They taught me that when you believe in something or somebody you give whatever you can – mind, body and soul (and wallet if possible) — in support.  Thanks for reminding me to thank them.

Why do you support Duke, and how do you decide what areas to support?
Having been involved with the Annual Fund and as the undergraduate representative on Duke boards, I know that there were many alumni before me that supported Duke–whether by giving time or money–to enable the experience I had as an undergraduate. I want to ensure that those Dukies that follow me have the same opportunities I did–the opportunities that will shape them as passionate, global leaders in their personal and professional lives.

Supporting the Annual Fund is important to me because I know that unrestricted funds are what allow Duke to create the innovative programs that ensure Duke students stay ahead of the curve in their education, develop skills that will sharpen their critical thinking, and shape the people that they are in life beyond Duke.

What are your greatest hopes for Duke?
I hope that Duke keeps being Duke: an innovative, passionate organization that isn’t afraid to defy the status quo to create the next generation of leaders and disseminate actionable knowledge into the world.